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Message from the President Rob Alcock

     Dear Kids’ Chance Friends and Supporters:

So, congratulations to the founders of Kids’ Chance of PA that decided to come together 25 years ago, to build an organization that wanted to give back!  Why did they do this? Well, they recognized that every day people go to work in our amazing commonwealth and injuries, or accidents occur which affects their ability to continue to work. These events can be catastrophic or life changing. While the injured workers focus on their recovery and getting back to normal, many times they have children that are trying to decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives. These kids are researching higher level learning institutions to determine the courses or degree which will afford them the best opportunity to live out this dream. Often family financial plans have been disrupted and families have need. Parents or Guardians may not be able to fully invest the time and energy to assist and support their children because they are focused on their personal recovery or providing care for the injured family member.

This is where Kids’ Chance of PA can assist. By offering financial aid through scholarships, kids of catastrophically or seriously injured workers in Pennsylvania can have some hope for the future. They can pursue their passion and experience all that continuing education has to offer. They can turn a parent’s work injury into a positive personal growth experience.

We need your help to spread the message of Kids’ Chance of PA. There has been a decline of kids that are applying for scholarships over the past few years. We need your help to change this.  If this is a story that touches your heart and motivates you to want to help make an impact, please learn more about Kids’ Chance and help us reach those kids that need help.

Thank you to all the supporters and volunteers of Kids’ Chance of PA. The passion that you bring is evident. We are a strong organization because of your commitment. I look forward to working with each of you to continue to expand the ways we can offer hope and opportunity for the future.

Rob Alcock
KCPA President

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At Kids’ Chance of Pennsylvania, we’re dedicated to helping our kids who need it most – those who need assistance for college or vocational education because a parent was killed or injured in a work-related accident. Please help us fulfill our mission by donating to our organization or becoming a partner today! To see what difference you can make, read what past scholarship recipients had to say about Kids’ Chance.

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